Praying Mantis 

Yesterday as I was leaving work I noticed something on my tire. No it wasn’t another nail in my tire. But something I’ve never seen before in the wild, a praying mantis. 

Praying Mantises are a fascinating creature. Many people’s first thought is probably a karate move when you hear the word. Or think about how they once were believed to have mystical powers. Mystery and intrigue have definitely surrounded them for thousands of years. But when I saw him I felt bad for him. 

Here he was, on top of my tire. What he thought was the top of the world. But all I had to do was roll the truck back and smash him like, well, a bug. Then after I took his picture I tried to get him off the tire and he just wanted to fight my phone. I was only trying to help. Maybe he was having a bad day. Or just mad at the world. 

The lives of mantises are sad. They only live for about a year. They lay eggs and die. Or the males are decapated after copulation. So nothing too serious… These eggs are just left to fend for themselves. No one to care for them. Just them versus the world. So I guess I can see why the praying mantis was attacking me when I was just trying to save them. It’s all they know. 

Chances are we all know someone like this mantis. Dealt a bad hand. The world against them. But the good news is, the answer is right there in their name. Praying. We can’t change the world. Sometimes it requires the hand of God to come in and rescue us from our own demise. Most of the time we never even saw death and destruction coming. That’s why we need to pray for those around us so that someone stronger than ourselves can save us. Who are we going to be a Praying mantis for today?

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