There’s nothing wrong with brushing your hair. As a matter of fact, I brush my hair everyday. And by hair, I mean my beard. But timing is everything. 

What does brushing your hair have to do with timing? Yesterday, as I was driving home I was stuck behind a car going really slow, then speeding up, all while swerving all over the place. No, she wasn’t drunk. She was brushing her hair. Now I’ve seen people do this at redlights or when stopped. But for several miles, through several redlights she continued to brush her hair. Bad timing. 

Brushing your hair is a good thing. Brushing your hair while driving, not so good. Timing. But doesn’t this describe a lot of our lives? Our lives are filled with plenty of “good things” just bad timing. Or maybe you are doing the right thing, but just at a horrible time. 

I couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh at this lady brushing her hair while driving. I’m sure God does the same thing when he sees our horrible timing. Do you have good things you’re doing where the timing is just off? Step back, and evaluate how you’re doing today. You might just find some things laughable the timing is so off. 

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