Cold Brew

There’s nothing better than an iced coffee in the morning. But the problem for me is that you have to start the process hours or even a day ahead of time. But cold brewing is definitely worth the wait. 

I make my cold brew in the French Press. Put in 10 scoops of pure bliss, add cold water, stir, and wait. Then wait some more. Unlike hot coffee, it takes time to steep. Instead of the usual four minutes, I cold brew mine over night. Or make some in the morning for after work. But quite honestly, most nights I don’t feel like making it. Or think I can just make do in the morning. 

Guaranteed, every morning I don’t start any coffee the night before is usually the days I want it the most. Whether the little one was up all night, or I’m running behind in the morning, or a stressful day, I always beat myself up for nothing putting forth the effort the night before. A little planning would have gone a long way. 

I’ve always heard “good things come to those who wait”, but I’ll take it a step further. Good things happen to those who put forth the work and wait for it to steep. And I’m not talking about coffee. But about that friend, that coworker, that family member, that child, these are the ones we need to be putting worth the work for. 

So stop procrastinating like me and put forth the effort today. Just add water, stir, steep and wait. Then you’ll come out the other side with a strong relationship worthy to drink every day. What relationship are you going to start steeping today?


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