Drive Thru 

One of the local fast food joints closed it’s drive thru for renevations. Even though the dining room is still open, I have yet to see anyone pull in and there’s definitely a lack of cars in the parking lot that’s usually packed. It’s because we’ve become a “drive thru society”.

When did we become so afraid of face to face interactions? We’d rather FaceTime instead of having face to face time. And heaven forbid we get out of our car to go get our food. We have become so afraid to talk to, much less open up to those around us. It’s time for us to change. 

It’s time to stop having screen time interactions and have a real conversation with those around you. When’s the last time you went a whole meal without looking at your phone? Or how about a whole day? Impossible you say? We want things instantly, but sometimes in life you have to wait. 

So slow down. Yes, it is possible to not be glued to technology. Sometime this week, carve out more time from your schedule and go inside to pick up your food. And have a conversation with someone in line, or someone working there. They’ll probably think you’re weird, but it could also be just what the other person needed. We’re made for community. And that can’t happen thru a speaker box and color screen. Skip the drive thru and have a meaningful conversation today. It just might change society for the better, one conversation at a time. 

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