Aspera non Spernit 

Aspera non Spernit has been the Judy, or Tschudy, family motto since the 1600’s. It’s Latin for fear no difficulties or spurn no hardship. The history nerd in me would have loved to have lived in these times. 

We can learn a lot from these “dark ages”. From the codes of chilvary, to lords and ladies, there was a sense of pride in these days. Just ignore the whole mistreatment of the serfs. But there’s something special about family coming together, uniting under a single motto, a single goal. And I’m willing to beat any family members would be able to recite the motto and proudly display the crest on their shields back then. I can guarantee that there was hardship and difficulties during this age, but they always came together and drew strength from their family. 

So in the words of my ancestors:

“Steadfast like the lions and our Coat of Arms, Take bravely up the fight against the wrong, With strong hands holding up the standard, Character’s highest decoration. Striving upward great light to gain, Leads also on to higher life.”

Aspera non Spernit. 

10 thoughts on “Aspera non Spernit 

  1. I also stumbled in here looking for “Aspera non spernit” due to Tschudi/Judy ancestry. I would love to hear from any of you who have more info and share what I’ve found. Thanks for the post.

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  2. greetings, distant relative!
    i can’t tell you how many times i have said the words “aspera non spernit” to myself or aloud to help me through a sticky or dangerous situation… it works! sometime soon i will be getting a copy of the judy book from my cousin and look forward to looking back, so to speak. thanks for posting the motto and the coat of arms.

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