Load of… crap

This past week I feel like I’ve been to the grocery store 50 times. Each time you go to the store you never know what to expect. Except for of course, the “brilliant marketing schemes”. 

I love people watching, and when I came to the paper isle. There was an older man standing there just shaking his head at the toilet paper. I said “tough decision huh?” He started laughing and pointed to the corner of every toliet paper package. 

He started laughing and said, “now that’s crap”. We both started laughing. In what world does 16=64? 9=36? We’re going to use 16 rolls of tp as fast as you normally would. No matter how plush or pocketed. 4 rolled into one just means you’ll use 9 rolls and waste 27. 

But that’s exactly what our society is doing to us. There’s no such thing as an absolute truth anymore. We live in a world were 16=64. Gender and sexuality is whatever you feel like. Religion is everywhere but nowhere. We’re all fighting to prove how 9=36, but wouldn’t that make us all wrong? 

It’s time we get back to our roots where 9=9, and 16=16. But that means we’ll have to take a stand, and wipe away all the crap. No pun intended 😉


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