You might remember me talking about the Lightning Bug on my windshield. For some reason I always find myself staring at my windshield or my wiper blades. I know, it’s weird. 

The thing about your wipers is, that you forget about them until you need them. Why do you think it is that you always need to replace them when it’s raining? Because that’s when you turn them on. You never see people driving around with their wipers on when it’s sunny out, do you? But isn’t this how we treat most things in our life? Like the wipers? 

We put them on the shelf and wait until we can’t see anything in front of us, or wait until the last possible minute, then we ask for help. I’m notorious for having my wipers going too slow. I don’t want to wear them out. Or over use them. That’s absurd. That’s what they’re there for! 

So what do you need to turn the wipers onto today? Is there a project where you’re in over your head? A situation where you just need help? Someone you need to reach out to? You’ll never regret turning on your wipers. You will even be able to see a whole lot clearer. 

2 thoughts on “Wipers 

  1. What a cool picture! I love it. Sadly, my actual wipers squeak so loudly they grate on my nerves, and they don’t work well. My husband keeps telling me he needs to replace them, but he never does. I do see your real point here…

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