Turbo Shot 

I like my coffee black. As black as my soul some might say. Or as my grandad calls it, “Cowboy” or “Army” coffee. The kind of coffee where you can see your reflection, not the bottom of the cup. The stuff that will put hair on your chest. Where you put a spoon in it and it can stand up on it’s own. You get my point. 

Well the problem with that is, most chain coffee shops never have a dark roast later in the night. And that is when I almost always buy coffee out. They only have the house coffee or the dreaded blonde roast. I guess most people are faint at heart and can’t stand the power of the dark roast at night. But I’ve diverged.  

So last night I asked if they had any dark roast, like always. And they didn’t have any, like always. So I asked what they had fresh, because I will go out of my way to make sure I’m not inconviencing anyone else. So I ordered the house blend. I payed my $2. But as the young lady was handing me my coffee, she said “you know what, I’m going to give you a turbo shot, on the house, since you wanted a dark roast.” I was floored honestly. 

In a day and age where everyone is critiquing and looking at Millenials under the microscope, here is one young lady that understands the value of customer service and went above and beyond to serve someone she didn’t know. She didn’t ask for a managers permission or even hesitate. After last night I think I might turn in my gold card and switch over to the other team. Ice cream, coffee and doughnuts. That beats out a siren any day. 

Who could you give a turbo shot to today? You never know when someone might need that boost to just get them through the day. Be the difference maker. 


3 thoughts on “Turbo Shot 

  1. Funny I like my coffee the same but in a lot of places in Europe you can only get milky coffees in the morning and after lunch into the evenings it’s black coffee and espressos, good to see young folk with customer service thinking 🙂

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