Focused Eyes

The other night I tried something different. I have always enjoyed journaling, but I find myself getting distracted. Distracted by ever present technology. I decided to refocus my eyes. 

The first thing I do when I go upstairs is turn on the light, then my desk lamp, then I usually check my phone. Why? I thought it was funny that the more lights I had on, the more I could see around me, and those things would distract me. So I turned of the overhead light. My lamp was now shining brighter, but I could still see things on my desk. Books, my laptop, random papers. Distractions. Then I decided to get even more focused. 

I turned off the desk lamp and lit a small candle. I couldn’t see anything, at first. I was struggling to see the words I was writing. I knew writing by candlelight was plausible, after all humans have been doing it for centuries. I just had to, focus. Focus my eyes.

 After a few minutes I was able to see clearly. More importantly, just the page I was writing. The only thing I had to focus on was the journal in the candlelight. All other distractions were left in the dark. 

What are some things you need to focus your eyes on? Are there some things you might need to leave in the dark? Refocus. You will be amazed how clearly you can see once everything else is left in the dark. 

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