I’ve never been to keen on following rules. Actually I would say I flirt with the line to see how far is too far. Like, how do they expect me not to touch the antique hatbox, when it’s the only thing in the room with a do not touch sign?

This describes our society perfectly today. What once was black and white, is now 50 shades of gray. What’s right or wrong? Who do we listen to? What do we follow? What should we believe anymore?

In a society of gray, and no rules, we have to take a stand. Not a stand of right or left, but a stand for what is right and wrong. How do we know? I always say, if you have to ask, the answer is probably NO. Should I have touched the hatbox???

Take your stand. The next generation is watching to see what you’ll do. Give them a good example to follow. 


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