Airplane Mode 

Here are some reason why you should use your airplane mode everyday:

1. The common knowledge answer is to charge your phone faster. Gone are the days where you have to let your battery get completely to zero. Charge whenever you have time. Put it in airplane mode to get a few more precious battery percentages. 

2. To escape. Do you ever feel that you need to escape? But your phone keeps constantly buzzing and beeping. Put it in airplane mode. Read a book. Take a walk. Go outside and get some fresh air. Have a real conversation with someone; face to face!

3. If you are flying today, use the airplane mode to keep from crashing. While this may be an urban legend or folklore; better safe than sorry! I’d rather not have my phone be the one that interferes with the pilot and air traffic controllers radio communications! 

4. Lastly, to help you realize that the world will not fall apart if you aren’t in constant contact with everyone and everything. Refer back to step two if needed. It will be okay if you take a break. You can catch-up on your 👍🏼, ❤️, 🔁, ⭐️, and 💬 later. 

Or maybe the airplane mode is actually useless after all. Just turn your phone off. Life is happening all around you, don’t miss out by having you nose in a screen. 


21 thoughts on “Airplane Mode 

      • Lol, yes as much as it’s annoying we still find ourselves taking advantage of the benefits. And I can understand that. But it’s the negatives that I feel concerned about and the eventual negatives we don’t even see now that I’m more concerned about.
        Humanity though, we just obliviously skip along never paying attention to the warnings or alerts until we’re all saying “what in the hell happened to the world for goodness sake!”

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  1. Agreed!!! I have a ‘no phone day’ at least once a week.. where i dont take my phone to work at all.. I just leave it sitting on the bed at home. If someone needs to get me.. they know they can call me at work. Its so refreshing!!!

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