Every day I use a stapler. Then the next morning I have to use a staple remover. It’s a vicious cycle. But it reminds me that there are only two kinds of staples. Good and bad. 

Staples are good. They hold your pages together. They keep you organized. Keep your papers neat. Keep email chains all together. Your projects in order. Once you staple pages together, they’re there for good. At least until the jaws eat them and tear them apart. 

Staples are bad. I never realized that I needed a staple remover until I started to scan all my documents at work. Let’s just say the scanner wasn’t happy with me when it tried to feed the staples through. I learned my lesson and luckily didn’t destroy the machine. But once you remove the staple, it’s useless. One shot. That’s all the staple had. 

It’s just like us. One shot. One chance. Are you holding things together or tearing them apart? Don’t waste your one shot before the jaws come and rip us from the life we knew. 


6 thoughts on “Staples 

  1. I suppose that is definitely a sum of a life we’re living.
    But in life it does help to remind ourselves there isn’t just one way to live that one shot. Meaning that we can try different ways or even make mistakes and if they aren’t working or we realize our error we can turn around and go a different way? Maybe?
    🙃 I hope haha

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