You may not know this, but there are few things in life that I despise more than yard work. Sure growing up I said “I can’t wait to have a yard of my own, then I’ll enjoy doing it”. It was just a lie I told myself. 

So yesterday was the worst day of the year. The day I had to start yard work for the season. Not only did I have to cut grass, pull some weeds, and edge. But I also had to prune the crepe myrtle. But pruning as much as I hate it, is actually a good thing. 

Pruning fosters growth. Crepe myrtles can grow as much as one to two feet per season. And if you live in Georgia, you know that’s upwards and outwards. This thing produces branches like bunnies! But how does a crepe myrtle relate to you?

Are there some things you need to cut back or cut out of your life to grow? Is it time for a little spring cleaning? What do you need to do to manage your life and grow? It all takes time, but just like the crepe myrtle, think about how much you can grow this season. Just start pruning today. 


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