Moving Mountains 

Behind our office they’ve been digging all week. Well actually, they’ve been trying to move a mountain, literally. Now a mountain is a little bit of a stretch, but you get the point. 

It’s taken them all week to take this mountain of dirt into three smaller mountains of dirt. But they’ve yet to really take any of the dirt off site. 

Isn’t this how our life is sometimes? We’re working from sun up to sun down. Running our machines until they’re out of gas. And all we have to show is three mountains instead of one big one. We still have the same crap in our life, we just moved it and rearranged it a little. At some point you have to load up the dump trucks and haul all this mess away. 

So stop just moving mountains around and move them out of your life. I’m sure you already have something in mind that needs to be hauled off. Just do it! Don’t run yourself ragged just moving mountains, actually get rid of it. 

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