Have you been ever sitting down drinking a cup of coffee and come up with the next best thing? The world’s greatest invention? Something that everyone can’t live without? 

Whether it’s the coolest cooler, the best travel jacket, or exploding kittens, we all have ideas. But what ever happened to the good ole days of believing in yourself and taking your idea to the bank, literally. It’s time we believe in ourselves and take some personal risk on our ideas. Stop kickstarting your ideas and throwing them out on social media for acceptance and reassurance. If you believe you have the best idea, risk it all and fund it yourself. 

I’ve found that if it’s your blood, your sweat, your tears, you try a little bit harder to make it work. When did we cash in the hard work for kickstarters and shark tanks?

This kickstart mentality has bleed over into all aspects of our lives. We seek approval and pats on the back from backers we’ve never even met. It’s time to revive face to face conversations and agreeing to deals with a handshake. So the next time you have a good idea, take it to the bank. 


4 thoughts on “Kickstarter

  1. It’s not as easy to get loans from the bank as it used to be! All the government oversight and regulations have just about done in “old-fashioned” handshake banking! Local banks have been mostly swallowed up by regional or national banks, and decisions are not made on the local level I opened my bridal shop in Decatur in 1979 with a loan that we probably would not have qualified for today, under the same circumstances!

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  2. I like the “exploding kittens” one (in glitters and unicorn’s sparkles of course)… Jokes aside, I have the impression that nowadays is easier to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (with a bunch of elves dancing Despacito in tulle and cotillons) than to receive a loan from a bank. This said, self – confidence is a must, same as minimalism and decent planning. I agree with you: asking reassurance and acceptance on social media is not only useless but dangerous (if you have a really good idea, like the exploding kittens, for example, there is still a chance that someone else, that maybe works in a bank, gets the money and ‘borrows’ it). I suppose our biggest problem is that we often do not believe in our own projects (aka, in ourselves) and we to not want to risk all we have. Even if we do not like our jobs, even if we want to change our lives. And it is a mistake, especially considering how many heart attacks happen on Monday morning between 7 and 8 o’ clock… Great topic, by the way!
    PS. I promise I won’t ‘borrow’ the exploding kittens one, don’t worry!

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  3. Except bank will take your house down when you cannot payback. For some products, it is best to get the baseline solid idea about customer interest via Kickstarter. Having said that there are millions who are worth investing on but not getting invested. I am the perfect example of it.

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