Lessons from Traveling Abroad- Scarred 

One of my favorite things about traveling is how it changes you. It leaves you with memories and friendships you will always have and cherish. Traveling scars us forever, in a good way. 

I love taking pictures. Especially on trips. The “everyday life” for the locals is a whole new world for visitors. A new fantastic point of view… A dazzling place I never knew… Pictures are a great reminder of that excitement you get when traveling and exploring somewhere new. But I have found that pictures never do the scenery justice. Here’s the proof:

Pictures could never capture this true beauty. 

Like a scar, have the trip stay with you forever. Put pictures around you to remind you. The worst thing you could ever do is take a trip then fall back into your same ‘ole routine once you get over the jet lag.

Let travel change you. Get out of your comfort zone and never go back. Be scarred for life. And everyone knows, scars always come with the best stories. 

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