You ever feel like somebody is watching you..?

I know that I have definitely had those moments. The other day was one of them. I was outside cutting grass, and I just felt like someone was watching me. I looked around and there were little fingers poking through the blinds waving! It was a sweet moment seeing my little one waving and blowing kisses.

It also served as a good reminder for me. People are always watching us. Whether we want them to or not, people are forming opinions of us just by watching us. And over the years I’ve learned that someone is always looking up to you. Or testing you in situations to see how you will react. So be careful up on the pedestal, and be careful when you put people on pedestals, as everyone falls off.

So what message are you sending when people are watching you? Do you need to be reminded that people are watching? May you always be consistent no matter the situation and no matter who’s watching. Especially big brother!


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