Fog 2.0

There has been a lot of fog around here lately. And I’m not just talking about the weather. I’ve talked about Fog before, but it seems like there has been a heavy fog around our world lately.

It seems like there’s just darkness surrounding us and engulfing our lives. It’s funny how different people act in the fog of life.

White Nucklers. Driving in the fog you see these people leaning forward in their seat, squinting, and gripping their steering wheel as if their lives depends on it. Life is no different, these people usually let fear dictate their lives. You can see it by how hard they’re gripping their steering wheel not wanting to relent control.

High Beams. My dad taught me from an early age that turning on your bright lights/ high beams during the fog is the worst thing to do. The lights reflect off the fog and actually make it harder to see. But these are typically the people in a hurry and speeding through life and will get through it hell or high water not caring about those around them. This often causes danger to those around you. Don’t run a red light or other warning signs because you were going to fast in the fog.

Business as Usual. Then there’s some people who don’t let the fog bother them. They keep going as if nothing has ever changed. Isn’t this where we should be in life? Things are going to happen. The sky will fall and darkness will surround us. But even if we can’t see that far in front of us, or know what lies down the road, we can control what is right in front of us. Control the here and now.

When the fog of life surrounds you, what group do you tend to fall into? No matter what, keep the faith and keep going. There’s always light after the dark!

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