Last weekend we took our daughters to the aquarium. It was neat to see how our oldest reacted to all the different fish. Some she got really excited about, others she was like “meh”.

But there was one thing I couldn’t help thinking. My daughter wanted to get in the tanks to see them up close. She even hit her head on the glass a few times. But I bet the fish inside all want out. In fact, they had a penguin walk showing off the penguins and one actually tried to escape. It was pretty funny.

This is much like our life. Everyone from the outside wants in, and everyone on the inside wants out. Everyone gets tired or bored of the things in life and are so quick to give up. Or we want what others have. We constantly compare our lives to others based on social media. But I can guarantee that everything isn’t always glamorous. Most of it is just a show. You only put the best out there for all to see.

We need to get back to being happy and content with the situations we’re in. And not being so envious of others. Other people’s lives could look better than yours, but the truth is, it could be like swimming in a tank of piranhas. Now that doesn’t sound too glamorous.

So be happy. And keep swimming.

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