2018 – 2019

We’ve all heard it. You have to make the most of your dash on your tombstone. The victory is in the journey. If you fail to plan, plan to fail. Cliche? Maybe? True? Absolutely.

2018 was a great year. I had a lot of new beginnings and a lot of great memories. I am still trying to unpack everything from 2018. But I failed in this arena, blogging. I failed to plan, and fail I did. Here’s the proof.


It made me sad when I saw this, but it did not surprise me. So what do you do with failure? Curl up in a ball and dwell on the fact that you failed in 2018? Pull yourself up by the bootstraps? You plan. Everyone is different, so you have to plan according to your personality. And anything will be better than nothing.

For me I have to have reminders. I am a simple man, and in a day and age of technology, I have found that a paper planner cuts through the clutter on our phone. So for 2019 I am going to give myself due dates for blogs. What is something you need to give yourself a personal deadline on? Go ahead and plan these out before we get to 2020!




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