I’d argue that our lives are busier than they ever have been. We’re a world on the go. But when is the last time you’ve just stopped?

We much like our technology need time to stop doing and recharge. We always make sure our phones fully charged but when’s the last time you’ve been fully charged?

So maybe the next time you’re charging your phone. Fill up your battery too. Read a book. Take a nap. Go for a walk. Have a quiet cup of coffee. Mentally recharge. Stop. Breathe. And be ready for our next busy day!

One thought on “Stop

  1. Yes, the world we live in spins at an alarming rate with us spinning right along with it. Taking time to recharge our own batteries is vital and a necessary component I think in order to cope with the sometimes madness. I like your suggestion of recharging while our phones etc are plugged in the get juiced up again.

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