We’ve all heard of it, we all have it, it’s an American staple. WD-40. The formula was never patented to keep the formula a secret, and even the question of who the original inventor was is murky at best.

But I love the name. WD-40. Water Displacement formula 40 is what it means. Insinuating that they failed 39 times before they got it right. They could have renamed it to something catchy or flashy, but they stayed with their roots. And do you know the original purpose? Only to coat the Atlas Missile, and keep it from rusting. I’m guessing, that wasn’t your first guess.

How encouraging this should be for us though! I found it interesting that the company keep making other lubrications, there was a WD-60 made for airlines, but everyone always comes back to the ole WD-40. If you’re on attempt 13 or 39 of something, keep going, you’re almost there. And if you are at 40, keep searching for your true purpose. Imagine if WD-40 was only used to coat Atlas Missiles during the Cold War. It would have missed out on it’s true potential.

If you are feeling stuck, just remember not to give up, keep adapting, be WD-40!

2 thoughts on “WD-40

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