One thing I’ve realized over the years is that life is messy. Tonight we had our first fire hose experience with changing our two week old son’s diaper. To say it went several feet and all over everything would be an understatement. But in moments like this you just can’t help but laugh.

It’s not a matter of if life will get messy, but when. So, how will you respond? Laugh? Cry? Breakdown? Stonewall? We all cope in different ways. But I’ve also found that life gets a little bit easier when you have a tribe around you. People to laugh with you. People to cry with you. People willing to get dirty with you when life is messy. And you’ll also find that your life may not be as messy as you think when you share it with others. And I can guarantee you’re not the only one that’s been through that mess.

My advice, have someone help change the diaper fast, especially when life gets messy!

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