It’s crazy how sometimes you can’t seem to shake something God’s trying to teach you. Over the past week or two it seems like every scripture I read, every podcast I listen to, and even the radio shows are talking about our culture being too busy. How many times do we respond to the question “hey, how are you?” with “good, just busy”.

Is busy good? Is it wrong? Can you be too busy doing good things? Why are we so busy?

Life is hard. It’s crazy. It’s demanding. Dare I say, busy. Especially in the phase I’m in right now with three little ones. But this is all the more reason to stop. Breathe. Rest. Refuel. It’s time to come up for some air, and rest!

Rest doesn’t mean be lazy, but to turn from you trying to do everything and let Him help. Let Him take the yoke for a while. We’re not meant to carry the weight all day, everyday. Take the time today to rest and refuel. This is the only way you’ll make it through tomorrow!

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