The past few mornings I’ve been making a point to get up before the sun to have a few quiet moments. One thing has really stood out to me. The song birds.

We all know that the rooster is supposed to crow at dawn, but around here I just have song birds. And I’ve been paying attention to when they start singing. And it’s not at dawn. The birds start singing while it’s still dark. And the darkest part of the night is just before dawn.

If this isn’t the perfect example of what’s going on during this pandemic, then I don’t know what is! Some would consider our current times some of the darkest days. They are for so many. But what are you doing in the darkness? Are you singing your song or are you letting the darkness overcome you?

And the best thing about their song, it lets us know that the sun is about to rise. So in this darkness, sing your song. The sun will rise and this darkness will be behind us. Will you be ready when the new day starts?

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