Dead Cells

In my last postĀ Jump StartĀ I talked about how my battery died and I had to get a jump start to get my truck home from the gas station. When I went to get the battery tested at the local auto parts store, they said that my battery was completely charged, but I just had a … Continue reading Dead Cells

Jump Start

So earlier this week something happened. I needed a jump start. My car battery finally died. The funny thing is that I knew this was going to happen. A lot of times in life we are too stubborn to face the facts. For a few weeks now I have noticed that my car has been … Continue reading Jump Start


The other day I was reading an interesting article about this new product called the Batteriser. It is a small metal band that you put over batteries and it still small enough to use the battery almost anywhere you normally do. The theory behind this $2.50 piece of metal is that it taps into the … Continue reading Batteriser