There's one thing that everyone has been talking about around here, Hurricanes. Irma and Harvey. And there's one thing that was certain, the storm came. Storms in life are almost as certain as death and taxes. It's not if a storm comes, but when. So how are you preparing for the storms of life? Is … Continue reading Storms


This past week there has been a lot of fog in the morning. While not that uncommon, it seemed denser than normal. Being in a fog is the perfect way to explain our lives today as a nation.  Many of us, especially on Mondays will describe ourselves as being in a fog. Groggy. Can't see … Continue reading Fog 

Lessons from Traveling Abroad – Urgency

Another lesson that I learned from traveling abroad is the sense of urgency. Now, me personally, I have three modes. Work mode, home mode, and vacation mode. Work mode, I am typically in the zone. I’m working hard to accomplish the task at hand. Or I like to say head down, butt up. I am … Continue reading Lessons from Traveling Abroad – Urgency