Turbo Shot 

I like my coffee black. As black as my soul some might say. Or as my grandad calls it, "Cowboy" or "Army" coffee. The kind of coffee where you can see your reflection, not the bottom of the cup. The stuff that will put hair on your chest. Where you put a spoon in it … Continue reading Turbo Shot 


We've all heard Lao Tzu's "a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step". How many of us have actually taken that step? It seems to be all we hear about each New Year's.  Goals, resolutions, challenges, it's all we talk about. The past year and the year yet to come. But what about … Continue reading Steps 


The other day I was reading an interesting article about this new product called the Batteriser. It is a small metal band that you put over batteries and it still small enough to use the battery almost anywhere you normally do. The theory behind this $2.50 piece of metal is that it taps into the … Continue reading Batteriser