Outpace Concerns

"Learn to outpace concerns for others." This is the one line from my Life Objective that I always get the most questions on. What does this mean? It's quite simple really. We can see what needs to be done. Whether it's the trash needs to be taken out, or there's a load of laundry, or you can … Continue reading Outpace Concerns



"Always be a man answerable to God, and to be held accountable for my actions." This in my opinion is one of the greatest causes of the collapse of our society. No one is held accountable, and God is almost always never in the picture. No one wants to take responsibility and they want to … Continue reading Accountable 

Never Stop Learning 

"Vow to never stop learning and live and practice what I preach."  As I have mentioned before, I wasn't the best student. Actually, I hated school and all things associated with it. And I hated nothing more than reading growing up. The 600 Minute Reading Club almost wasn't even worth the ticket to Six Flags.  … Continue reading Never Stop Learning 

Learn from My Mistakes 

"Always learn from my mistakes, hoping to never willfully repeat them." This one is harder than ever for me now, as I have a little set of eyes watching every thing that I say and do. My daughter, like all kids is a sponge, soaking up everything that we say and do. I never have … Continue reading Learn from My Mistakes