This weekend we went on a guys camping trip. It was filled with moments of us trying to one up each other. I laid down the challenge to start the camp fire without matches or a lighter. With a fire starter and lots of dryer lent, we did it. It's amazing that the fire that … Continue reading Spark


This weekend we went to the zoo with my family. It was quite the adventure with four girls under the age of four. My favorite thing to see at the zoo is the reptile and amphibian house. I love looking at the venomous snakes. When else can you come inches from death and not be … Continue reading Camouflage

Lessons from Traveling Abroad- Scarred 

One of my favorite things about traveling is how it changes you. It leaves you with memories and friendships you will always have and cherish. Traveling scars us forever, in a good way.  I love taking pictures. Especially on trips. The "everyday life" for the locals is a whole new world for visitors. A new … Continue reading Lessons from Traveling Abroad- Scarred