When’s the last time you had a dream or vision, so big, so crazy that it scared you? It’s funny, I’ve been thinking lately that I need to actually write out some three, five, and ten year goals. Then today I’ve seen several people on several different outlets talking about dreams, visions, and goals. I … Continue reading Dreams


Vending Machine

I've spent way too much time at the hospital lately. One thing I've noticed is the people at the vending machines. When you step off the elevator, there they are. The giants standing with their bright colors and electric glow. Drawing you in like sirens to your death. And people always stand there, staring, for … Continue reading Vending Machine

Lessons from Traveling Abroad- Scarred 

One of my favorite things about traveling is how it changes you. It leaves you with memories and friendships you will always have and cherish. Traveling scars us forever, in a good way.  I love taking pictures. Especially on trips. The "everyday life" for the locals is a whole new world for visitors. A new … Continue reading Lessons from Traveling Abroad- Scarred 

Lessons from Traveling Abroad- Hurry up and Wait

If you've ever traveled, especially internationally, you know there's a lot of hurrying then lots of waiting. So what do you do? 1. Get there early- sure you'll end up waiting more, but it cuts out the "hurrying" part. So that in theory cuts out half the stress.  2. Talk- I used to be the kind … Continue reading Lessons from Traveling Abroad- Hurry up and Wait