This Generation 

I can't tell you how many times I've heard "maybe there is hope for this generation". As a matter of fact I just heard it on the radio. My response has always been, I guess you have never spent time with this upcoming generations because I'm not worried at all.  I am sure my teachers, … Continue reading This Generation 

Setting Suns

   There is nothing harder than the last day of vacation. You typically try and cram as much as possible into this day so that you make the most of that day and make it feel like your vacation was a success. Why don't we live everyday like it's the last day of vacation? Get … Continue reading Setting Suns

Lessons from Traveling Abroad – Urgency

Another lesson that I learned from traveling abroad is the sense of urgency. Now, me personally, I have three modes. Work mode, home mode, and vacation mode. Work mode, I am typically in the zone. I’m working hard to accomplish the task at hand. Or I like to say head down, butt up. I am … Continue reading Lessons from Traveling Abroad – Urgency