Have you ever noticed how there are warning signs everywhere you look? This one definitely caught my attention. But the thing about warning signs is that we often ignore them. I think it's because you're usually not in any danger when you see them. But there will come a day when it could save your … Continue reading Warnings


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. How many of us are living in a world of insanity? So what should you do different? What have you done different? It's time to change it up and start on a new journey. What will you start today?


"Always be a man answerable to God, and to be held accountable for my actions." This in my opinion is one of the greatest causes of the collapse of our society. No one is held accountable, and God is almost always never in the picture. No one wants to take responsibility and they want to … Continue reading Accountable