Life Objective

I have been wanting to post this for awhile now. About this time last year I say that I had my mid-life crisis. I turned 30 this year and I knew that it would hit me hard. It is one of those milestones that people don't usually look forward to. But I took a different … Continue reading Life Objective

Three Generations

My goal and aim of this blog has been to positively determine the direction of future generations. What does this look like? How are we to accomplish this? My challenge for myself and you is to make a difference for future generations. Three generations to be exact. I have been reading through the Old Testament of … Continue reading Three Generations

Fair Winds and Following Seas…

To be honest, I have been struggling with writing this post for some time. Today I started a new job. After seven years at my old company it was very different walking into a new building, sitting in a new seat, and being surrounded by new faces. Many times the past few weeks I have just … Continue reading Fair Winds and Following Seas…

Smiling is My Favorite 

I love being around babies. But it may not be the reason you think. Have you ever noticed how people act around babies? We "adults" are usually the ones making weird noises and funny faces just to get the baby to smile. But then the darnedest thing happens. The adults that just got smiled at … Continue reading Smiling is My Favorite 


The other day I was reading an interesting article about this new product called the Batteriser. It is a small metal band that you put over batteries and it still small enough to use the battery almost anywhere you normally do. The theory behind this $2.50 piece of metal is that it taps into the … Continue reading Batteriser