As I was sitting at our table in the break room, the bowl of random condiments kept catching my eye. I don’t know if it was the bright purple or just the fact that it was the most random mixture I’ve ever seen. But as I thought about it more, this is the perfect picture … Continue reading Condiments

Vending Machine

I've spent way too much time at the hospital lately. One thing I've noticed is the people at the vending machines. When you step off the elevator, there they are. The giants standing with their bright colors and electric glow. Drawing you in like sirens to your death. And people always stand there, staring, for … Continue reading Vending Machine

Customer Service 

The past week or so I have had a few experiences that reminded me how important customer service is. I would like to say that they were all good, but they weren't. One thing that I have learned and constantly reminded of is that every where you go, and every person that you talk to … Continue reading Customer Service 

Lessons from Traveling Abroad – Open Mind

When traveling abroad I believe that the most important thing is to keep an open mind. Now I have always been willing to try just about anything once. And you have to be very open minded because most likely, things are not going to be same as they are back home. Now I would like … Continue reading Lessons from Traveling Abroad – Open Mind