As I was sitting at our table in the break room, the bowl of random condiments kept catching my eye. I don’t know if it was the bright purple or just the fact that it was the most random mixture I’ve ever seen. But as I thought about it more, this is the perfect picture … Continue reading Condiments



As I was sitting on hold today, which that seems like what I’ve been doing all day... I picked up my John Maxwell Devotional. I opened right to this page. There is no truer statement. Your thoughts determine your character... The first person you lead is you. So how is your character? How have you … Continue reading Thoughts


"Always be a man answerable to God, and to be held accountable for my actions." This in my opinion is one of the greatest causes of the collapse of our society. No one is held accountable, and God is almost always never in the picture. No one wants to take responsibility and they want to … Continue reading Accountable