Our whole life we compare ourselves to others. And our whole life we're told not to compare ourselves to others. So how do we do this? It's time for the rubber to meet the road. Last night we set out on our trip to the beach. I've been told that it's not called a vacation … Continue reading Jones’s

Montenegro 2017

Zdravo (Hello) Family and Friends, I am writing to let you know about an exciting opportunity that the Lord has provided for me this summer.  I have been chosen to help lead a mission team from Crossroads Church that will be going to Stari Bar, Montenegro for the second year. We will be helping support … Continue reading Montenegro 2017

Lessons from Traveling Abroad- Perspective 

I have always loved traveling. Except for the unrealistically small seats and lost baggage. There's nothing like stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing travel to stretch you farther than you think you could go. But the different perspective that you get when you travel will change you forever.  It's funny when you go … Continue reading Lessons from Traveling Abroad- Perspective 

Lessons from Traveling Abroad – Open Mind

When traveling abroad I believe that the most important thing is to keep an open mind. Now I have always been willing to try just about anything once. And you have to be very open minded because most likely, things are not going to be same as they are back home. Now I would like … Continue reading Lessons from Traveling Abroad – Open Mind

Lessons from Traveling Abroad – Urgency

Another lesson that I learned from traveling abroad is the sense of urgency. Now, me personally, I have three modes. Work mode, home mode, and vacation mode. Work mode, I am typically in the zone. I’m working hard to accomplish the task at hand. Or I like to say head down, butt up. I am … Continue reading Lessons from Traveling Abroad – Urgency